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Antony Dr.Martin Thomas

I am a Medical Doctor practising as a General Surgeon. Exploring Syriac Christianity particularly Thomasine Christianity has been a passion for me. Paper presentations 1. XII Symposium Syriacum organised by the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, Aug 2016. Reviving the Sound, sentiments and Melodies of Syriac Aramaic Chants of India: A model of grass root Liturgical revival in the Syro Malabar Church. 2. Aram Society for Syro Mesopotamian Studies 48th International Conference on Syriac Christianity, University of Oxford, July 2018 Archaeology and Epigraphy of Mar Thoma Nasranis ( Saint Thomas Christians) : A pictorial review. 3. XIII Symposium Syriacum. Paris July 2022 Saint Thomas Christians and their Crosses: Tradition of Veneration of Cross among Saint Thomas Christians. 4. Aram Society for Syro Mesopotamian Studies 53rd International Conference on Syriac Christianity, University of Oxford, 10-12 July 2023. Open space free-standing crosses of Saint Thomas Christians: A comparative analysis of worship pattern of ancient Dravidians and the Saint Thomas Christians Publication of papers in Journals 1. Martin Thomas Antony, Muttuchira Sliva and Lithic inscriptions- Landmark monuments of saint Thomas Christians of India, The Harp 2016. 2. Martin Thomas Antony, Alengad Sliva- The neglected Jewel of the ancient Christian settlement in Alengad and the most ancient Christin Artefact of Malabar, The Harp 2016 3. Martin Thomas Antony, Mathew Mailaparampil, The Pahlavi inscribed Processional Cross of Herat, Afghanistan, and the Pahlavi crosses of South India: A comparative study of the Religio Cultural traditions of the Churches of India and Parthia, The Harp 2017 4. Martin Thomas Antony, Judson Kochuparampil, Alphin Joseph Chackochan, Pahlavi inscribed sliva of Irinjalakkuda: An appraisal of the iconography and theology, The Harp 2017 5. Martin Thomas Antony, Role of Ecclesiastical structure in promotion of authentic spirituality among the diaspora: An experience from the evolution of the Syro Malabar Church in the United Kingdom, Journal of Saint Thomas Christians, 2020 6. Martin Thomas Antony, Sounds Sentiments and Melodies of the Syriac Aramaic Chants: Model of grass-root liturgical revival in the Syro Malabar Church, in Emidio Vergani and Sabino Chiala, (Eds) Symposium Syriacum XII, Orientalia Christiana Analecta 311, Pontificio Instituto Orientale Roma 2022 pp 105-118) 7. Martin Thomas Antony, Archaeology and Epigraphy of Mar Thoma Nasranis ( saint Thomas Christians: A pictorial review, Aram 32:1&2 (2020) 253-285