1. Influence of Internet and Social Media and Increasing Awareness of Syriac Language and Traditions In Kerala
  2. Pahlavi inscribed Sliva of Irinjalakkuda : An appraisal of the iconography and theology.
  3. NSC NETWORK SERIES Book: Champakulam - Kalloorkkadu MARTH MARYAM BASILICA
  4. Champakulam Kalloorkkadu Marth Maryam Basilica: A Jewel in the Universal Church.
  5. Champakulam Kalloorkkadu Marth Maryam Basilica and Poothara manuscript
  6. Revival of the Syriac language in worship from the grass root level : a new model of liturgical reformation in the Syro Malabar Church.
  7. The Pahlavi inscribed Processional Cross of Herat, Afghanistan and the Pahlavi Crosses of South India: A comparative Study of the Religio Cultural Traditions of the Churches of India and Parthia.
  9. Alengad Sliva- The Neglected Jewel of the ancient Christian settlement in Alengad and the most ancient Christian artefact of Malabar.
  10. Christian Communities of St. Thomas Tradition in Maharashtra and its Neighbourhood in Mid-Sixth Century
  11. Jakhs of Kutch-Were they Jacobites?
  12. Nazrani History and Discourse on Early Nationalism in Varthamanapusthakam
  14. Saint Thomas Christians in the Shaping of Modern Kerala
  15. Ikkako Kathanar -the forgotten martyr
  16. MS Vatican Syriac 22 & MS Vatican Syriac 17: Syriac Manuscripts copied in South India
  17. Patriarchate Of India- An Appraisal Of The Evolution Of The Episcopal Hierarchy Among Thomas Christians Of Malabar
  18. Major Arch Bishop Alencheril Mar Giwargis II Bava-The Patriarch of Syro Malabar Church and The Gate of All India- A Discussion on The Historical Hierarchical Status of The Church of Saint Thomas Christians
  19. The Heathen and the Syrian - Syrian Christian Ritual and Tradition pre 1599 A.D.
  20. Nazrani Christians and the Social Processes of Kerala, 800-1500
  21. Saint Thomas Cross- A Religio Cultural Symbol of Saint Thomas Christians
  22. The Story of Joseph, the Indian; A Historical Appraisal of the Affairs of St Thomas’ Christians in the Pre Portuguese period
  23. "THE VARTHAMANAPPUSTHAKAM" written by Cathanar Thomman Paremmakkal
  24. Champakulam Kalloorkkadu St Mary's Church- The Hidden Pearl in Nasrani History
  25. “Christianity in India- a History in ecumenical perspective" by HC Perumalil and ER Hambye
  26. "Kerala, the Cradle of Christianity in South Asia"-a DVD Documentary on the cultural interface of religion and music- An eye opener to the Religio cultural identity of the St. Thomas Christians in Kerala.
  27. “The Arrival of the Portuguese in India and the Thomas Christians under Mar Jacob 1498-1552” by Dr. Mathias Mundadan
  28. Catalogue of ancient Nasrani Churches, their affiliations and population statistics in the background of division and attempts of Reconciliation- A review of Literature
  29. Sixteenth Century Churches – Churches belonging to Catholics and Syriac Orthodox ( 1818 AD-Statistics)
  30. 'The Thomas Christians' by Placid Podipara
  31. Margam Kali – History, Text, Lyrics, Theme, Early Reference and Modern Developments
  32. 'The Indian Christians of St. Thomas' by Dr. Leslie Brown
  33. 'Jornada of Dom Alexis de Menezes: A Portuguese account of the Sixteenth century Malabar' edited by Dr. Pius Malekandathil
  34. Qambel Maran- Syriac chants from South India- a review and liturgical music tradition of Syriac Christians revisited
  35. Letters of St. Thomas the Apostle to Edessa from India
  36. 'St. Thomas Christians and Nambudiris, Jews and Sangam Literature – A Historical Appraisal’, Bosco Puthur (Editor)
  37. Prelates of Nasranis till the Synod of Udayamperoor- List of early Bishops till 1599 AD
  38. Hymns of Saint Ephraem (Ephrem) the Syrian, on Apostle Thomas and India
  39. Lifestyle of Kerala Syrian Christians
  40. Kerala Nazranee Pesaha Receipes
  41. Analogical review on Saint Thomas Cross- The symbol of Nasranis-Interpretation of the Inscriptions
  42. The Syrian Christian Church - An Architectural Overview
  43. Thomas-Malabar Connection & The Jewish Heritage, A Biblical & Analytical Approach
  44. Save Syriac
  45. A Syrian Christian Family Portrait - Circa 1620 A.D.
  46. Museum- Christian Cultural Centre Golden Jubilee Museum at Pala
  47. Cheppad St. George Church
  48. What Every Nasrani Needs to Know–And Doesn’t
  49. 'The Nazranies' by Prof. George Menanchery
  50. 'East of the Euphrates- Early Christianity in Asia' by T.V. Philip
  51. Role, Characteristics, List and Tomb of Archdeacons (Arkadiyakons) of Saint Thomas Christians
  52. St.George- Geevarghese Sahada traditions and rituals among Nasranis
  53. Hindu Traditions of St. Thomas –Thondacchan and the Four Silver Coins
  54. Names, Middle Names and Last Names among the Syrian Christians
  55. The Tiger and the Syrian Christians: Tipu Sultan’s ‘Padayottam’
  56. Churches on demolition line – Ramapuram Twin Churches
  57. The Mural tradition of Kerala Churches
  58. Raja Thoma Villarvattam - King of the Nasranis
  59. History, Munnu Noyambu and Kappalottam - Marth Mariam Church, Kuravilangad
  60. The Muziris Heritage Project- News
  61. Ramapuram twin churches, Role, History & Rituals
  62. Church feast and festivals in Central Kerala-Kottayam
  63. Palm Sunday ( Kuruthola Perunnal), Maundy Thursday( Pesaha), Good Friday (Dukha Velli) and Easter among Saint Thomas Christians of India
  64. 'The Syrian Christians of Kerala, Demographic and Socio-Economic Transition In The Twentieth Century' by K. C. Zachariah
  65. SRITE- Project for Preserving the Manuscripts of the Syrian Christians in India
  66. 'Glimpses of Nazraney Heritage' by Prof George Menachery
  67. Glimpse from History-Gondophares, Roman and Venetian gold coins in India
  68. 'The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India'- Volume II , Chief Editor Prof.George Menachery
  69. 'The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopedia of India'- Volume I -Prof. George Menachery
  70. 'Origin of Christianity in India' by Dr.Benedict Vadakkekara
  71. Familytree - Syrian Christians DNA Project Information
  72. Arrival of Thomas of Cana ( Bishop Thomas of Cana ?), History and references about Southist Community (Thekkumbhagar – Knanaya )
  73. Arrival of Mar Sabrisho and Mar Piruz, Earliest Reports, Copper Plates, Katheeshangal,Christians & Churches at Quilon
  74. The Edicts, Copper Plates and Privileges- Quilon (Tarisapalli) plates, Thazhekad edict, Iravi Kortan plate and Cana Thomman plate
  75. Early references about the Apostolate of Saint Thomas in India, Records about the Indian tradition, Saint Thomas Christians & Statements by Indian Statesmen
  76. Surviving MSS- Old Testament Manuscripts, Psalms and New Testament Manuscripts of Christians of Saint Thomas
  77. Kerala Syrian Christian, Apostle in India, The tomb of the Apostle, Persian Church, Syond of Diamper - Coonan Cross Oath, Subsequent divisions and the Nasrani People
  78. Mission of Saint Bartholomew, the Apostle in India
  79. Population Statistics and Demography of Saint Thomas Christians, Churches with historical references
  80. Ancient Churches , Stone Crosses of Kerala- Saint Thomas Cross, Nazraney Sthambams and other Persian Crosses
  81. Divisions and Rite of the Churches- Syro Malabar Church, Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church ,Malankara Orthodox Syriac Church, Thozhiyur Church, Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Syro Malankara Church, Chaldean Syrain Church.
  82. Traditions and rituals among the Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala

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