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Nasrani Syrian Christians Network [ NSC NETWORK ] is a collaborative networking effort of many Thomas Christians.

The primary objective of NSC NETWORK is to build awareness about Nasrani culture, traditions, heritage, sharing different perspectives of history and other relevant information concerning the community.

This is a collective collaborative effort from members of different denominations of Nasrani Community and outside. The articles/posts in this website are the result of individual research done by the respective people. The sources and references are duly acknowledged in each article / posts.



↑ Publish, Share, Publicities articles concerning heritage, traditions, culture and historical research.
↑ Provide an overview of history from contributing articles and citing books of well known authors.
↑ Publicities and provide review for works of well known authors, historians and projects concerning the community and society at large.
↑ Providing review of articles published by authors about the community.
↑ Highlighting the contributions of the community to the society.
↑ To provide awareness about the community, history, pilgrim centers and analysis of news concerning the Syrian Christian community.
↑ To build unity among different denominations of St. Thomas Christian community through collective efforts.



Founded in 2006 and started as a community of history enthusiasts, this has gradually evolved as a networking platform for those interested in Christian history of India, specifically the Saint Thomas Christianity. In general, this is a pro- oriental forum with participation and contribution on varies topics from members of Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Saint Thomas Christian Churches and outside.

On an average the site gets more than 10,000 unique visits every month. It has been running since 2006 and in the current URL since 2007. The site has a selective readership among different denominations of Thomas Christian Community and outside.




I. Open Policy

↑NSC NETWORK doesn’t represent any official position. The official websites of different denominations are listed in Resources page. Please refer that for understanding official policies. ↑ We are not officially supported by any one but where encouraged by many through guidance and clarifications as and when it was needed.

↑ As a group ” NSC NETWORK” does not hold copy right on the articles published here. Each article/ posts are the result of individual research done by the contributors. Contributors hold Copy right for posts and articles published in this web site . “Fair Use Policy” has been used based on the discretion of each authors.

↑ Our objective through ” NSC NETWORK ” is strictly educational not commercial with emphasis on spreading the message. Please review the policies and if you have questions please contact us on email address admin at nasrani dot net.

↑We would like to specially thank Prof.George Menachery for giving us permission to use copy righted content in our articles.↑ We also thank many notable authors for allowing us to use/ quote their article/ books in our blog posts. ↑We have expressed our gratitude to renowned Authors through links, acknowledgments, book reviews and book introductions.

↑Every effort has been taken from our side to verify the content and contributions. ↑ We will correct the articles, when the authors are convinced about the errors. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or area, we will only endorse what we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement.

II. Disclosure Policy

↑This is a collaborative site written by a group of individuals. ↑For questions about this site, please contact admin at nasrani dot net. For questions about article, please contact the authors through the email given in article or use the comment box to make a post for other opinions. For questions about posts, please use the comment box to post questions.

↑The different opinions in articles or posts can not be taken as a collective opinion of all concerned in NSC NETWORK as an whole.

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Contacting NSC NETWORK

For general enquiry or complaints, please use the email address – admin at nasrani dot net. Questions about the article or for more details, please use the author’s email address listed in each article.


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  1. Great effort
    Get all the Nasranies to this effort

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    • Congrats. Keep the movement running.
      Pros and cons should be accepted.
      When did the seminary concept started in Christianity?

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  2. Congratulations & best wishes for this good venture.

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  3. Good objective.
    Best wishes.

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  4. Dear NSC,

    I really appreciate your efforts in this area and you have really gave me a big break into that vast area of Syrian Christianity which I thought had an uninspiring origin. I was always reading about the apostolic christianity that went to the western world because so much literature exists for them. However I never came across any real book on the syrian apostolic church.

    It was by accident that I came across syrians in wikipaedia and then to NSC before 2 months. Both these sites have opened shocking and exciting history of syrian apostolic christianity in India. I was such an ignorant of our rich heritage!

    I was inspiringly shocked to know:

    1. that Syrian Christians had a rich Judeo-Christian (which is the original apostolic church) heritage and customs before the Latins came here.
    2. that the name “Nasrani” started from the Bible for the Judeo-Christians (Acts 24:5).
    3. that the Syrian stream was the richest and long surviving branch above the Greek, Celtic and Latin streams founded by the original apostles.
    4. that we had the original Received Text of the Bible compiled by Lucian the Syrian saint in the 3rd century known to us as the Peshitta Syrian Bible, on the Greek MS of which, the King James Version is based.
    5. that the hardworking, agricultural and mercantile nature of the Syrian Christians COULD be attributed more to the Jewish blood in us than to the lethargic and idle Brahmin blood in us!?
    6. that the Hebrews were here even before the 1st century and that is the reason for St. Thomas to come to Kerala.
    7. that the concept that our ancient Syrian forefathers were illiterate and ignorant is false and they could be more educated and hard working than us.

    Thanks a lot for your invaluable work. Keep it up. All the best.

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  5. The traditions of nasranis and the heritage of Syriac Christianity should be an eye opener for those ill minds who talks about introducing pagen ways by suggesting a liturgy with the allusions of the Hindu Scriptures, such as the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita in our community.

    Its sad that many today doesnot even know Indian Culture.

    Good effort.

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  6. Dear NSC,

    Wil it be possible to translate the Peshista Bible which is kept in Mount Sinai Church?

    Some efforts should be made to the comon Syrian christians to learn Hebrew-Armaic language

    The hardworking, agricultural and mercantile nature of the Syrian Christians COULD be attributed more to the Jewish blood in us than to the lethargic and idle Brahmin blood in us!

    We are the lost sheeps of Israel and in search of them St. Thomas came and saved. I am proud that I am a “Nasrani”. Our new generation does not know the actual originality, so some efforts should also be made in this connection.

    Lot of thanks for your invaluable initiative. Keep it up. All the best

    Mathew(Aniyan Kunju)

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    • Dear Mathew,
      Translated Peshitha Bible is available in India.

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  7. Team NSC

    Thanks a ton for this great effort.
    nasrani.net has opened the flood gates of knowledge and have allowed nostalgia to kick in…….

    All the best wishes !

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  8. Thanks for this invaluable treasure.

    It would be great if NSC team can start a section on resources of Eastern Christianity introducing about other Apostolic churches.

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  9. This is a very good website.
    The syrian christians’s connections with jews is more believable than their nampoothiri roots.Brahmins came to kerala only in the 6th or 7th century.It was natural for Thoma sleeha to go to the Jews and convert them first ( after all he was also a jew and spoken the same language). It may be some jew merchents who took him to Kerala as jews were trading with kerala from the time of king Solomon

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    • look Brahmins and jews are the 2 sects who conducts burned offerings .it may be possible that the jews guided them in this. so people might have mistook jews for brahmins
      more over the light brown eyes of many malayalees prove of the jewish ancesters
      especially of kunnamkulam connection and puthenkav in chengannor

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  10. Let me take this opportunity to make a comment being a regular reader of your posts in forums and the various articles from different team members of NSC for some time.

    for all the efforts of NSC group I would like to give a standing ovation as it was ” so hot and strong”.Over the time this has become a treasure for all the Nazranis with views which we generally don’t see. There is lot of information available with partial history but we rarely see this kind of efforts. one suggestion is to include more current affairs articles on Malankara. There are many current affairs articles from Syro Malabar and I know its easy to say from my side and leaving the work to you guys.

    Why are you still on the plot of “the Scarlet Pimpernel”. Thank you.

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  11. Dear NSC

    I really appreciate all the efforts you have put for this genuine cause. Most of the younger generations of Nasranis doesn’t have proper understanding and knowledge about many aspects of this rich and vivid Christianity.

    Being a regular reader here for some time now I am really proud of what I am.

    Many many thanks

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  12. This link was forwarded to you from LightofLife site. http://www.lightoflife.com
    Please my sermon on Apostle Thomas:



    [St. John 20:19-31]

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  13. Very interesting site.

    I think there is slip in this article. The first son and daughter are named after PATERNAL grandparents.

    I think it would be nice if the comments can be responded to the NSC. Thus factual errors can be set right. Somene had commented that Brahmins came to kerala only in the sixth century – which is factually wrong.

    Commendable effort.

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  14. Dear Admin and fellow readers of NSC, I came across this site which has lots of good information on St. Thomas. Check out http://www.stthoma.com


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  15. Dear friends in Christ,

    Ever since some of the comments started to deal with FAITH related matters I decided to wait on the banks instead of entering the water as my experience told me that it is going to go off into a spin.

    Earlier in one of my comments regarding Sabbath, I reiterated that it belongs to faith related topic and hence I will not comment on that.

    In my humble opinion all the problems started when we lost sight of the OBJECTIVES of this noble site.

    Unlike the orkut forums, this forum is NOT “PRIMARILY” a debate forum. Yes, we debate but that is BASED ON THE articels we have covered!!! Unlike articles in other forums, articles in this forum are based on comparatively good studies. They are not based on stories or fantasies.

    We can again go back to the earlier smooth functioning if we remember our OBJECTIVES:

    NSC NETWORK Objectives
    ↑ Publish, Share, Publicities articles concerning HERITAGE, TRADITIONS, CULTURE and HISTORICAL research.
    ↑ Provide an overview of HISTORY from contributing articles and citing books of well known authors.
    ↑ Publicities and provide review for works of well known authors, historians and projects concerning the COMMUNITY and society at large.
    ↑ Providing review of articles published by authors about the COMMUNITY.
    ↑ Highlighting the contributions of the COMMUNITY to the society.
    ↑ To provide awareness about the COMMUNITY, HISTORY, PILGRIM CENTERS and analysis of news concerning the SYRIAN CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY.
    ↑ To build unity among different denominations of St. Thomas Christian community through collective efforts.

    Believe me, I did not find any “FAITH” in the Objectives!!!

    Let us stick to our Objectives.

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  16. This is great! Our generation and the next one have to discover their community and have pride in its culture and traditions. Wikipedia has some excellent material .

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  17. I have been an on and off reader of this site. I have commented only once before… but I have found your debates and discussions following various articles very interesting.

    However of late I find that you have added new sections and taken comments from older sections to fit in under the newer topics. I feel that as these comments were part of an original discussion the flow of ideas is lost and some comments appear strange or out of context and some just dont not make much sense. They should remain where they were. I suggest that you find some other way to make it possible for people to see all comments pertaining to a certain topic. Perhaps adding ‘tags’ as they do on various newspaper blogs might be helpful.

    Best wishes



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  18. Really nice seeing the debates on your site. Barring the odd one which has a tone of parochialism the rest are very lively and objective debates. Please keep the high intellectual level going.

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  19. It is nice that all of us are cuming together. But we alo have to fight against all anti christian activities like alcoholism, wife-beating etc which are very much active among us the Kerala nasranis. Such type of things like drinking, and domestic violence, are against Jesus Christ teaching so I suggest this website to also be active in such kind of things to promote Christian faith and our life in Jesus.

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  20. It is truly inspiring that you have dedicated efforts toward cosolidating the history of Syrian Christians in Kerala. Even though we are an eminent community contributing to all arenas of public life our history as a community has never been recorded or acknowledged in history text books or other sources. So until recently our history was a mystery to almost all of the world including us. Whatever history was available had no credibility and was more of hearsay. Appreciate your efforts and do keep up the good work.

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  21. Dear NSC,
    Hearty congratulations for such an effort. For a long time i was searching and studying about the early christianity in India. It lead me to a revelation that we Nasari Christians have a unique heritage, culture. Before christianity spread to western countries we were christians and the most admirable thing is our forefathers kept that heritage alive for long 2000 yrs. But now i doubt many of our new generation even dont know the term “Nasrani”. I will request NSC to make all efforts to make unterstand the new generation that we are unique people with a rich culture….we had our special clothing, food, traditions….that we must keep alive for further 1000’s of years. I am from North India now and i wonder many of our new generation out of Kerala dont know actually what we are…….so come we must put all our efforts to keep our community alive with its unique characteristics

    West wishes

    Thomas C. Daniel

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  22. Congratulations & best wishes……

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  23. Hi Kezhakken,
    Muringan is definitely not a nasrani name. It is a typical Hindu gods name, of Tamilian origin. About Birko, I don’t think it has any nasrani origin. You are correct that Dravidians don’t have the same dna as nasranis do.

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  24. I was wondering whether this site could invite from readers all the house names in kerala as this will help to identify & preserve the heritage of the kerala christians. Many of us abroad have forgotten our house names, customs and roots. If we could document the house names , customs and clothing of our forefathers will give us a clue of our heritage. Are we the descandants of Jews or Brahmins or converts

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  25. Thank God for providing me the opportunity to sail and view the history of Nasrani Syrian Christians. Thanks to staff of NSC Network. Keep it up. I think that your network will unite the different churches of Nasrani Syrian Christians into one church with the grace of God.

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  26. Invitation

    2011 Paithrika Jnana Yatjnjam DUBAI
    May 13th, 2011 | Dubai

    2011 Paithrika Jnana Yathnam led by Chevalier Professor George Menachery
    Friday, May 13th, 2011 | Dubai – 12 noon to 5 pm

    A Passion for the Heritage of the Syro Malabar Community

    “Several essential features of the Syro Malabar culture, history, traditions and customs
    are challenged and unknown in our day. It is important that we be well grounded in these
    truths so that we may have a deep affection for our unique heritage.” — Chev. Prof.

    On May 13th, 2011, UACT is proud to invite you to join us with Prof. George
    Menachery as he looks at several important and at the same time forgotten or half-
    forgotten aspects of the great Syro Malabar tradition, such as the Indian sojourn of
    Apostle St. Thomas, culture, art, architecture, customs, manners and festivals, Syro
    Malabar folklore, food habits, costumes, and ornaments, Malayalee names and their
    origins, the Syro-Malabarians’ rightful place in India and in all regions, their international
    presence, chief events in their history and many other interesting matters…..

    We look forward to your active participation

    For registration please call: +971 508751316 (Mr. Franson), +971 504995102 (Mr. Alex)

    To read What People Are Saying about Chev. Prof. Menachery’s works, please browse:
    http://www.nazraney.com, http://www.menachery.org, http://www.indianchristianity.com

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  27. Dear Community,

    I am writing from France where I run a farm. I am seeking for God in reading the Bible. I talk to some people of different religions. Jesus helps me a lot but I don’t feel good with Paul and John. I read few month ago the gospel of Thomas found 1945 in Egypt at Nag Hammadi. In there, Jesus is depicted being influenced by Indian thinking. Here in Europe all the priests, theologians and historians discard this gospel without giving credible arguments. But I feel that the gospel of Thomas is so strong and seems to be closer to the truth.
    What do you think about this gospel?
    I would like to talk to somebody who could help me to answer few questions about Thomas.

    Kind regards

    Eberhardt Wittich

    PS: 6 years ago, I traveled 3 weeks through south India, where I met friendly Christians but at that time I was not sufficiently faithful to talk to them about this subject.

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  28. Dear Mr. Eberhardt Wittich,

    You wrote ‘..Jesus is depicted being influenced by Indian thinking. Here in Europe all the priests, theologians and historians discard this gospel without giving credible arguments. But I feel that the gospel of Thomas..”

    May I politly point out that you seem very ignorant of Jesus. Jesus was and is not influenced by any ‘Indian Philosophies or religions’. Jesus is God the Father (please read Isaiah 9, where it clearly says so). He is the author of LIFE, the Indians are his children, as much as the Jews are his children. The Tanakh (Books of Mosses, Prophets, Psalms etc..) are his word and they are considered as ‘Scripture’ and Jesus is the Tanakh. The ‘Gospel of Thomas’ that you mentioned has to be 100% written on the foundation of the Tanakh. If the book contradict the Tanakh, then it is garbage as far as it’s status as ‘Scripture’ is concerened.

    Finally, Jesus need not be taught anything from the Indians. This is not to mean that Hinduism and Indians are bad, It is just that Jesus is God and nobody teaches God anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! He teaches us!

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  29. Dear Eberhardt Wittich,

    It is thought that the Coptic gospel of Thomas (GT) found at Nag Hamadi in middle Egypt was derived from a Syriac language original; Syriac being the same language as is still used a little by the Nasrani Christians in India. However, in the first millennium AD Syriac was very widely spoken and written all over the East, from the Middle East out as far as India, Central Asia, China and Japan. The ideas expressed in the GT are influenced by a very early Enchratite eastern Christianity, which ideas are also found in the Syriac Acts of Thomas which describes the journey of Yehudi Thoma (Thomas) the apostle to evangelize India. Enchratism emphasizes certain aspects of lifestyle, for example the importance of celibacy and an abstinence from alcohol on the negative side and an imitation of John the Baptist’s and Christ’s wandering-teacher lifestyle on the positive side. In 3rd century Persia, Mani integrated these fundamental Enchratite ideas into his own very popular and widespread Manichaean religion. The Cathars in Mediaeval France were in fact Manichaeans, who were ruthlessly pursued and murdered by the RCC. As well as in France, Mani’s religion became prevalent in North Africa, Egypt, Persia and China.

    Now we come to the central issue in the development of Christianity, the conflict between the Hellenism of the Greco-Roman world and the Semitic Oriental ideas fundamental to the Christian faith. This conflict was already evident in the NT book of Acts when Christianity was still a Jewish sect and long before it became a separate religion. In fact, Christianity inherited this conflict from Judaism, which in the NT era had conservative eastern sects like the Essenes who authored the Dead Sea Scrolls and Hellenized westernised sects like the Sadducees whose ideas are condemned in the canonical gospels.

    Close study of the NT shows that this conflict continued throughout the early development of Christianity, but it did not stop there. This conflict has continued throughout history down to today. Some people think of the bible as one harmonious discussion of a single faith, but personally I can no longer accept this. Instead, I think both the OT and the NT contain materials from several different belief-systems and the reader has to decide which one is right. However, in most cases, people are told which biblical ideas they should believe during their upbringing. Not very many people can escape the constraints of their upbringing to look at things in a more thoughtful, or mature spiritual way.

    Best wishes,
    Steven Ring.

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  30. Dear Mr. Wittich,

    I feel you must study more about Jesus and Bible before you seek St. Thomas. All the best!

    best rgds

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  31. Hello

    Please do let me know if there are any original manuscripts or other records relating to the visit and mission of Gregorious Abdul Jaleel Bawa which would throw light on the eary St Thomas Christian tradition.I would also like to know if there are any writings left by the Bawa on His Indian mission.


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  32. Hi there,

    I have compiled a list of Nasarani’s. Can we please have space for it. Once I post them, the moderators can go over them and make any necessary corrections.

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  33. Hi there,

    Can we have a list of prominent Nazarani’s please.

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  34. hi,

    So glad that I came across such a site. was thinking of writing a blog of almost the same theme. But you guys are just amazing for finding the history. Would love to visit often.
    Keep up your efforts.
    God bless you all.


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